Shipping Ammo & Gear to BSR

You can only fly commercially with about 11 pounds of ammunition, which is certainly not adequate for any class or event you're likely to attend at the BSR. If you are flying and need to ship ammo and/or support gear (no firearms) to the BSR, ship to the following address:

BSR C/O Scott Milakovich
Attn: Your Name
32125 Hwy 54
Logan, NM 88426

Depending on your location in the US, check on the ground ship ETA for your carrier and make sure you ship with an adequate delivery window. FYI - you may not ship ammunition by USPS. You must use UPS or Fed-X ground for ammo and mark your package ORMD if it includes ammunition. Make sure you package is WELL packed and structurally up to being thrown around with the weight that it contains. Assume the worst. If you are shipping reloaded ammunition, do not ship it bulk packed. Place it in those plastic ammo containers, tape them shut and then box those within a larger box (double boxed).

If you must ship a firearm, it must be shipped to an FFL in Logan. Email us for that contact if needed. However, we suggest you fly with your firearm.

Clark Kennedy and JP shooting a canyon rim position in the 2014 Thunder Beast Team Challenge at the BSR