Carbine Marksman

November 8-10

This course is designed to improve the shooter's overall practical marksmanship capabilities from mid-range out to 750 yards with a competition or duty carbine. Valuable training for 3-Gun competitors, police or military, this course makes full use of the BSR training facility's unique terrain and facilities. Training subjects include:

Carbine Marksman is not a typical broad-spectrum 3-Gun shooting course. Rather, it is training designed around hitting small, mid-range to appropriately sized long-range targets out to 750 yards. The focus is on sharpening real-world shooting, not rehearsals or gamesmanship. The goal is to make you more confident and reliable with your carbine at distance. The applications for these skills are various, but we fully intend to take you out of your comfort zone.

To enable better understanding of the principles of reticle shooting, a magnifying optic capable of identifying and engaging targets at up to 750 yards is required for this course. Your rifle must be equipped with a variable magnification optic with at least 1-3x magnification and a subtended reticle. Please research your particular reticle and have a print-out of it ready for class. Students will have the oportunity to run a 1x reddot sight on the final day if they choose.


Precision Rifle 1

Introduction to Precision Practical Rifle

November 5-7 | December 3-5

This introductory course lays the foundation for long-range practical shooting and is intended for students with little to no experience in the discipline. The curriculum includes, but is not limited to:

Prerequisites: None.

PR-1 is designed for new students with foundational firearms knowledge and proficiency. To get the most value from the class and not impede the instruction, all students should be familiar with the rifle brought for the course and have a solid background in firearms safety. Equipment requirements can be found here. Ammo usage will be about 100 rounds per day.


Precision Rifle 2

Intermediate Precision Practical Rifle

May 18-20 | November 12-14 | December 14-16

This intermediate course builds upon the existing long-range shooting foundations to cover more advanced techniques and positional shooting. Instruction involves more in-context shooting opportunities and covers the following curriculum:


PR-2 assumes completion of PR-1 or equivalent long-range instruction and is primarily focused on field shooting rather than classroom time. Students will be allowed to confirm zero on the first day before moving on to data confirmation and coaching on advanced ballistics. The remainder of the course will focus on non-standard and compromised positions and more efficient prone shooting, both with barriers and on the canyon rim. Focus will also be placed on incorporating wind, reading splash (i.e., interpreting hits and misses) and data management.

To get the most value from the class and not impede the instruction, all students should be very familiar with the rifle brought for the course and have a solid background in firearms safety. Equipment requirements can be found here. Ammo usage will be about 125 rounds per day.

In addition to the primary rifle, PR-2 makes heavy use of .22LR rimfire training rifles as part of positional shooting training. This is to help reduce ammo costs and wear-and-tear on expensive centerfire barrels. If you have an appropriate .22LR trainer, we encourage you to bring it, but we also have demo rifles available. In either case, .22LR ammo will be provided at no additional cost.


Precision Rifle 3

Advanced Precision Rifle for Competition

May 7-9 (Steel Safari Prep; see below) | May 21-23 | December 17-19

PR-3 is a true competition/advanced skill-building course to prepare students for real-world NRL/PRS-style field matches as well as tactical and hunting scenarios. This course applies the experienced student's considerable knowledge and understanding of long-range shooting towards practical usage in popular long-range competition formats. Nearly all the instruction is done in the field, covering the following curriculum:


PR-3 assumes completion of PR-1 and PR-2 or equivalent long-range instruction. Only half a day will be spent on the flat range with an hour to confirm zero and data. The remainder of the shooting will be focused on application of new skills on the canyon rims. Student must have all necessary equipment, a zeroed rifle, a workable data card for this system and previous experience in natural terrain shooting, including target acquisition and engagement. Ammo usage will be about 100 rounds per day.

Class Schedule:

Equipment requirements can be found here.

2021 Steel Safari Prep (May 7-9):

This year, the BSR is offering a special dedicated session of PR-3 geared to help competitors prepare for the Competition Dynamics Steel Safari match, held at the BSR on June 3-6as well as the Team Safari match in the fall.

This session will have a greater focus on the specific challenges competitors will face at the Steel Safari match. This format consists of blind, 5-minute field engagements requiring the shooter to locate and lase targets, build one or more shooting positions and efficiently engage. Performance requires advanced, unrehearsed problem solving and time management skills, which this course will impart.

Unlike a standard PR-3, minimal time will be spent on the flat range and KD range to confirm zero and data. The majority of the time will be spent on the canyon rims.


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Loaner Rifles and Ammo

For students without a suitable rifle or those unable to travel with their rifle of choice, the JP Blue Steel Ranch has you covered. We have a limited number of JP loaner rifles available for student use during our courses free of charge. To ensure rifle availability, advanced notice is required if you intend to make use of one of our rifles.

Limited amounts of match grade ammunition is also available for purchase for BSR courses. Advanced notice and payment is required to ensure supply. Inquire about availability.