BSR Facilities

Owned and operated by JP Enterprises, the Blue Steel Ranch is a premiere shooting destination providing:

The facility itself features seven square ranges and unlimited natural terrain shooting off canyon rims. Over 400 steel targets are positioned throughout the property, making the BSR a true shooting paradise.

The JP Blue Steel Ranch is located about 12 miles south of Logan, NM and 30 miles east of Tucumcari, NM. Both towns offer good lodging and restaurants for competitors and students.

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The developed ranges include a main general purpose range with one section dedicated to rim fire steel, one section for pistol and the center corridor for centerfire rifle with permanent steel in place out to nearly 500 yards. The KD range has permanent steel in place starting at 400, every 100 yards out to 1000 yards with an additional target at 1350 and one at a full mile! There is also a 50 yard pit range sunk into the GP range that can be used for a 360 pistol/carbine/shotgun scenario. In addition there are two 50 yards pistol ranges to the west of the GP range and finally, a 100x100 yard pistol/carbine training range with high berms on three sides located one mile to the north of the GP range.

However, the real draw here is the natural terrain shooting capability. The facility is mostly canyon country on the edge of the Revelto river and this provides a fantastic back drop for canyon rim and high angle shooting with natural back stops and containment. Over 100 targets are arranged in over 25 shooting points on the rims creating miles of walking courses with a wide variety of precision shooting problems for the advanced marksmen.

John Paul of JP Enterprises Inc. recently completed six instructional segments for Jim Scoutten's "Shooting USA" program at the Blue Steel Ranch. These segments are repeating on the show presently and can be viewed here. These segments lay some of the foundation blocks of precision long range shooting and other pertinent technical information such as a discussion of reticles in various optics and parallax correction. This is just a sample of the valuable knowledge that will be gained at the BSR and actually put into practice.

Facilities and Amenities

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